Thursday, October 1, 2009

Random Thoughts From the Pharmacist Extraordinaire

Football season is here, therefore tailgating season is here. Not only am I the pharmaicist extraordinaire but im also the tailgating extraordinaire. You can find me somewhere in or around Commonwealth Stadium during home games. Usually in the Grove, which is where all the cool kids hang out. Come challenge us in a round of beer darts. Noone is a loser in this game.

Football season is only the beginning of the UK sports season, which means basketball is only a month away. First time ive been excited about the basketball Cats in 10 years.

I hate cold weather. Im a warm weather creature. Boo cold.

Sometimes when im at work im a hundred miles away.

I thought i would hate giving flu shots, but 220 shots later i kinda think i like it. In the words of me "I bring the hammer down on those bitches." but in a nice way and with a smile.

Tebow got knocked out. Damn what a hit. Shot heard round the world. Hope he gets better though so the SEC can bring home another football championship and shut up the big 12, 10, wac, acc, and pac 10. you all suck.

Tamiflu was the greatest invention ever....for Roche. They will make a fortune this year. Wish I had stock in this company.

If you drive an Escalade you probably shouldnt be on government assisted medical care. Unless its tricare, then you are excused. But honestly, if you are on tricare, then you earned your medical care.

Waffle House hashbrowns covered and japped is a bad idea. Always. You will regret it for days. Especially if you follow it up with nachos with cheese and then eating the jalepenos that came with it just because you are drunk and it seems like a good idea.

I take that back, Waffle House is a bad idea period. No matter what you order, it is a horrible horrible idea.

When you and your friends decide to "take it easy" the night before a game, this does NOT consist of going to 5 different bars, staying out til 5 am, and finishing the night at waffle house.

Getting up at 9am the next day to tailgate, drink beer, and bourbon is an even worse idea.

The SEC does UK no favors in their scheduling of Florida, Alabama, and South Carolina in back to back to back weeks.

Enough for now. More sometime when i feel like it.