Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Random Thoughts from the Pharmacist Extraordinaire

UK basketball is #1...in January. Which means absolutely nothing. Its great and Im excited about it, but lets not forget that it only matters who is #1 in April. Lets not start sucking each others dicks just yet. I hope we are celebrating a championship in April.

Speaking of basketball, I am not the typical UK basketball fan. Dont get me wrong. I am a diehard fan, but Im not a retarded UK fan. I only cheer against U of L, IU, UT, etc etc when we are playing them. I want them to win every other game they play because it makes us look better. Which W means more? UK beating Louisville, then going 3-27; Or UK beating Louisville and then Lou going 26-3? Think about it. Use some common sense. I dont actively root for the rivals when they are playing other teams, but I hope they win, if only to make UK look better. Perhaps more fans should be the same way, but I know that things like rational thoughts are out of reach for some UK fans.

Perhaps Im a bit of a pessimist right now. lol.

I want off Dixie Highway. Can anyone help? It literally sucks the life out of you.

I still love being a pharmacist. I am thankful every day that I have such a rewarding career. But some days are more taxing than others.

Thinking about buying a house. Its stressful too, and I havent even actively started looking yet.

UK football was 10 plays from being great this year. Good luck to Joker Phillips and the Football Cats next year.

Where do I want to go to vacation this year?

Exciting year of stuff planned for this year. Planning on visiting Boston in May. Several friends getting married, so bachelor parties will be attended.

I need a healthy release of stress. Maybe this will help again, all though I have trouble following through with blogs.

H1N1 vaccines are in and there isnt the rush for them that would have existed in the fall. Too bad the media found something else to move onto otherwise we would be gettin slammed. Just wait until the spring when it rears its ugly head again and it will be too late. Oh well.

Thats all for now. Maybe ill start posting more often, but i doubt it.