Sunday, March 29, 2009

They terk our jerbs

UK has no basketball coach.

I have moved out of the sweetspire residence.

One day of rotations left.

Tomorrow night i will be a fulltime Louisvillian.

Im 27 years old as of today.

I cannot wait to get paid to work..which starts wednesday.

The bear essentials according to Randy Marsh is water, bread, and margaritas.

Last night was a blast and there are large chunks of it I do not remember, which brings me to the next subject. Never drink heavily the night before you have to move out of a house. It is miserable. I think i almost puked 100 times.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

South have done it again.

Cartman: I told him the womans mouth is the most germ ridden place. Statistically speaking its the most unsafe place for a man to put his penis

Butters: What is a purity ring?
Its a ring that says he wont have sex...
Butters: Isnt that what a wedding ring is for?

At least there was a cameo by mickey mouse......

Mickey Mouse to the Jonas Brothers: You have to wear purity rings so we can sale sex to little girls.

MM to JB: Get the fuck up. haha. Now get out there and make me some goddamn money. haha

Reporter: What do you say you want the jonas brothers to douse you with their white foam? Do you like taking the JB hot foam on your faces girls?

I love south park and there is nothing you can do about it.

Oh well...they tried.

My high school played in the regional finals for the first time ever....unfortunately they were greeted by the #1 team in the state. Gave a valiant effort, but lost by 22. Good work guys. Im proud that you made it that far. Made me pround of my high school for the first time since I have graduated.

Secondly, I cannot wait until I get paid to work and put up with the shit I have to put up with on a daily basis. Since when is it my fault that your doctor didnt sign a control prescription....actually the gentleman was very nice about it and so was the just so happened that I received this prescription in the middle of three phone calls that were all people asking me to break the law so that "I dont have to wait for you all to fill my prescriptions." No you cannot fax me your prescription so that I can have it ready for you. That is illegal...I do it for you once and you expect it every time and then you are asking for me to fill a faxed control or something else that is waaaay illegal. If you want me to fill it quicker....have your doctor fax it, so you wont have to drop it off. really though..its not that fucking hard...take some responsibility for your own health care.

On that note.....if you have a discount card from a drug manufactuer and it requires you to activate it before filling the prescription.......please take 2 minutes and activate it. Its not the pharmacy tech, intern, or pharmacists duty to activate it for you after we have tried to fill it and it was rejected, then you tell us that you havent activated it. Guess what...we are nice and love our patients, so we will take the time to activate it for you (esp if you are old and we like you/havent had problems with you before), but we would really prefer that you would do it at home. It makes us not like you. lol..not really, but it is frustrating that the patient wont take their time(or take responsibility) to save themselves money, but expect us to do it and then get mad when it takes longer than usual to fill their prescription.

Lisa Lampenelli is NOT funny. She is racist, but she thinks its ok because she dates black men. I think she is a fat cunt.

Two more phones calls about oxycodone IR 30 mg Rxs from Florida today....and those were just the calls that I answered.

Feb has 28 days..therefore if you filled your controlled substance on Feb 9, it is not due on March 6, 7 or 8. Not even on March 9, esp if your doctor writes must last 30 days on the prescription. This medication is considered controlled for a that it is controlled and not just given out all willy nilly like.

Yes...i just said Willy Nilly...

Im starting to feel old.....I have plans to go to Bed, Bath, and Beyond tomorrow to buy a wine bar and a doormat.....and am talking to a wonderful artist about creating some art for my townhouse. Last week I spent 30 minutes in JCPennys picking out a comforter and sheets. Plan on going shopping for some furniture and golf type pictures for my living room. (im themeing rooms in my townhouse for some gay fucking reason) I am also strongly considering buying valances and curtains for my bedroom...what has happened to me. I never thought about this type of shit a year. The butterfly is officially dead (for those who know me, then you are probably laughing at the thought of the butterfly)

The velociraptor will however never be extinct.

If you told me that two kentucky schools would be locked in for the NCAA tournament, I would have never said Morehead State and Louisville. (Before you UofL supporters get mad, it would have been UK and UofL as my top two)

I slowly feel myself growing up and brain just doesnt work the way it used to, which is most def a good thing.

Thats all for now.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Last rotation ever.

3 weeks and im completely done with school.

I am asked on a daily basis at least 4 times if we stock Oxycodone 30mg IR in quantities of 180, 210, and 240. And oddly enough all of the prescriptions are from florida. Im no rocket surgeon, but I would assume something is going on here.

Im currently watching The Mask...Cameron Diaz has a smoking hot body.....SMOKIN!

If everything goes according to plan, Im going to be a doctor of pharmacy in 2 months and a real life pharmacist in a little over 3 months. However, I will probably only refer to myself as doctor tucker when im trying to impresses the ladies.

I love my new townhouse in the Ville. I think im going to enjoy living there...especially the living on a golf course part.

I hate moving and its taking all month, but its gonna be worth it.

Thats all for now. thought i would post since I hadnt in a while. Ill have some funny shit sometime.