Monday, April 27, 2009

Alprazolam does not equal omeprazole

To the physicians representative that called in alprazolam 20 mg......this is not the same as omeprazole 20 mg. Thankfully i took the the time to look on the patients profile to verify the patients medications so i knew what i was doing before calling back to verify the script. thank god at least one of us is not a complete moron. And when i call back and speak with you, please do not dismiss it as some simple mistake. I repeated the correct pronounciation three times while one the phone with you, stressing the difference between these medications, yet I still dont think you grasped the concept that these are TWO different medications with TWO COMPLETELY DIFFERENT MOA's. Not even remotely the same strengths. Yet you are allowed to call in these medications with virtually no training. Thankfully the KYBOP requires that a pharmacist or intern take new prescriptions. I just saved you and your doctor's ass. And you arent even thankful. Maybe next time, slow the fuck down when you leave a message and for fuck's sake please learn to say or at least try to correctly sound out the correct letters. There is no fucking way Al-praz-o-lam looks or sounds anything like O-mep-ra-zole.

I had more to this blog about basketball, baseball, graduation, my new job, and my louisvillian status, but it got deleted and I dont feel like typing it again. oh well. check back later.


  1. I wonder how effective alprazolam is for heartburn? I know I wouldn't care about my heartburn anymore if I took alprazolam for it, LOL.

    Would some elected official please help regulate the people that are allowed to phone in prescriptions?!?!

  2. Wow... seriously? I know the difference and I'm just a lowly nurse. I've caught tons of these kind of mistakes at work, too. For example, Klonopin and Clonidine... so not the same.

  3. Alprazalam helped me manage my anxiety, it relaxes me like no other man can. Plus it gives me no bad side effects. Two thumbs up for this one! I got it at